Girl Talk Thursday-Booze

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Booze, booze and more booze is the topic this week.

I am not a big drinker, that isn’t to say that I don’t drink.  Oh how I love me some vodka with cranberry and lemon drops and a few others that I’m too sober to name right now.  I’ve had a glass of wine or two that I really enjoyed.  However I hate beer, I haven’t found one that I want to take more then a sip of.

I don’t like to drink hard stuff at home, I prefer a half empty bar (I don’t like big crowds).  At home I can never get the drinks to taste right.  We have wine at the house every once in a while but I’d rather have wine at a restaurant.  I’m just weird like that.

Since I’ve been pregnant and am now breastfeeding I haven’t had any booze in over a year.  Alcohol has never been that important to me.  I didn’t have my first taste till after my 21st birthday and wouldn’t know that I like vodka with cranberry if it weren’t for my buddy Jack.

Jack lived in my spare room for a while and we would go downtown during the week when his favorite bar was nice and quiet.  We’d have a drink or 12, play some pool and chat with the regulars.  It was fun.  Once Jack moved out I didn’t have a desire to keep going out on my own, that seemed like it would be no fun.  Besides who was going to make sure I got home safely and watch Eurotrip with me for the 150th time.  We have watched that movie so many times we know just were to fast forward because those parts just aren’t funny enough.

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8 thoughts on “Girl Talk Thursday-Booze

  1. I hear ya! I’m not much of a drinker either. I was a social drinker back when I was in university, and enjoy the odd cocktail or mixed drink every now and then when with friends at a dinner or outing. Like you, since I got pregnant and had a baby, I have not had alcohol in over a year!!! My husband’s on the First Response Team and Volunteer Fire Department. He’s always on call and never drinks. I don’t miss it at all. Actually, I was eyeing my friend’s Malibu and pineapple the other day! Oh, and the sound of Bailey’s Irish Cream made my mouth water! Other than that, no…I don’t miss alcohol at all! LOL! 😉

  2. Vodka Cran! Everyone loves it!

    My first drink after giving birth made me tipsy! It was a beer, totally cold and delicious (sorry you don’t like it!).

  3. I didn’t even think to include wine in my booze post. But I kind of wrote a mini novel. I’m a lush…or I used to be haha.

    I do love wine though, I’m just not wine educated.

  4. Big crowds freak me out, too. I feel like I want to sprint over their heads; I feel like I’m suffocating.

    Thanks for the movie idea. I need a funny one once school lets out. Ones that people know every moment in are usually a good bet.

  5. People seem very surprised that I drink even though I’m nursing. But I always wait until the baby is asleep and I always have some expressed milk in the freezer just in case. I’m not a HUGE booze hound but I definitely enjoy a glass of wine every few nights.

    Thank you for playing!!

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