Things that make me happy

After the crappy way that yesterday started I have been thinking a lot about things that make me happy. In no particular order…

  • waking up being crushed between Waldo and Lily.
  • see how excited Lily gets when I come in the room
  • days Waldo get to come home for lunch
  • being able to stay home and spend all day with Lily
  • the silly little face Lily has been making all the time lately
  • a nice long shower with a good face scrub
  • reconnecting with an old friend (Hi Melissa)
  • being able to work a little from home
  • brownies
  • a clean kitchen, especially since Waldo cleaned it

Thinking about all this wonderful stuff really helped turn the day around.



My Manly man part 2

After the grass was mowed we needed to eat so what do we decided to do? Break out the brand spanking new bar-b-q grill. We hadn’t even taken it out of the box yet, so Waldo spent like 20 minutes putting the thing together.


Who knew the thing has so many parts?


(Sorry for the blurry photos, its hard to stand still and take a good picture when you have a wiggly infant in your arms)

All done. Its a thing of beauty, or something like that.


We used lump charcoal which I didn’t get a picture of and a charcoal chimney. Which were both my suggestion, Waldo was against them at first. I mean what’s more manly then briquettes and lighter fluid? Nothing that’s what! But I won because I had Alton Brown on my side. We even watched the grilling episode of Good Eats before we started.


Waldo was very impressed with the chimney. It heats up the charcoal in like 15-20 minutes and its ready to go. Of course I was in the house nursing Lily so I didn’t get a picture of the hot coals in the chimney.


These burgers were great, they were seasoned with salt, pepper and little garlic flakes.





Our side dish

bar-b-q side dish


Cut grass, yummy food and hanging out as a family. It was a great family day.

My manly man part 1

This weekend we had planned to finish moving out of the old place and cleaning it. Unfortunately Waldo had to work on Saturday so packing and moving got pushed back to Sunday. We decided to take advantage of the time we had to spare on Saturday and Waldo did some grown up manly Daddy stuff.

First he mowed the back yard. It needed it much more then the front.

We just bought the mower so he had to do a few test runs to get the right weed grass height.


first test

nope too low

While he adjusted the mower Lily and I looked around the yard and found these cute tiny flowers.

small flowers

Here are the three test runs Waldo did. I believe he went with the second height.

first side before; checking heights

And here is the finished yard.

first side after

clothes line after mowed

1 wonderful year

Today is our first wedding anniversary.  I can hardly believe what a good year it has been.  We got married (obviously), went on a great honeymoon/vacation, got pregnant and had a beautiful daughter. What more can you ask?

The Kiss

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