My Baby’s mind Monday

My friend Tatiana over at It was a Very Good Year started this meme. Each Monday you look inside your baby’s mind and let us know what you find. Be sure to go show her some love.

This week I was inspired by this picture.
I'm growing

Dear Mama,

Please take a good long look at the above picture and notice something.  I am now standing (with Daddy’s help, thank you Daddy) and the top of my head is over the dowel in my growth chart.  Please remember that on my 5 month birthday (10 days ago) I didn’t even come up to the bottom of the chart.  I may not have gained much weight this week, but I gained height.  Now go tell the doctor (whom I normally really like, she’s very nice) to stuff it.  I’m fine.  I’m petite and I like it that way.

I mean think about it.  I can still wear some of my newborn size clothes.  And you know how cute some of those are so that’s a good thing.  You’re getting your moneys worth out of those clothes, unlike some Mommy’s who get to dress their babies in something once and then they outgrow it.  You’re lucky.

I have included the picture from my 5 month birthday for easy comparison.

5 months old



p.s.  Just like you I look really good in dark pink.

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