Random Mobile Shots

We got Lil a new bathing suit. I think it’s adorable.

Lily's new bathing suit

There’s no pictures of Lil anymore without her doing some dramatic pose of one kind or another.


Lily set up a tea party for her new baby, Big Baby.

Lily having tea with Big Baby

Lil loves these chopsticks and was super proud of herself for giving them shoes. I don’t normally let her play with her food, but come on, noodle shoes are a must.

Her chopstick now has feet

Her chopstick now has feet

We are making a last minute trip to CA for my grandmother’s funeral. This is about half the food we took with us.

About 1/2 the food we are taking on our trip to CA

More food art. I made a muffin with honey in Lil’s cream of wheat.

food art

Lily improved it with the blueberries.

food art

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