My favorite things about Lily at this moment

I just don’t ever want to forget some things so I’m sharing them here for everyone’s amusement.

I love how she will just burst into song. They are usually songs that she’s made up and more often than not she will sing what she’s doing. It’s just so cute and sweet. All the sudden I will hear what Lily Kitty and Me0wers are up to or that she’s grooming Bell her little stuffed puppy for the third time today. I just love it.

Lily can’t start the day out without snuggling with me. I can get up to go potty, but I have to hurry back and we “snuggle”. I’m putting that in quotes because usually there’s no actual snuggling happening, we just hang out in bed talking and tickling and if Lil’s really lucky Kitty will join us.

Lily is all about Minecraft. She refers to it as “her (and Daddy’s) favorite game” and won’t actually call it anything else. I have managed to make this a Lily and Daddy thing and I don’t know the first thing about the game and don’t have to play it, this really works for me. I like video games, I just got my druid to level 90 in WoW the other day for goodness sakes, but I have no interest in Minecraft.

There are hundreds of other things that I love about my girl, but these are the main things I’m going to mention today.


I don’t usually do throwback Thursday on Facebook, but really wanted to share these videos. So here’s throwback Monday.

Waldo was organizing some of the folders in his backups and came across videos and pictures from his phones over the years. He called me in to the office to see this gem.

It almost made me cry. It’s a little bitty Lily Bean and I could just smoosh her.

I had him send me the link to the folder he was putting them in so I could share a few. Both of these videos are from May 2011 so Lily was about 2.5.

Some things I learned yesterday

Yesterday I packed the first 2 1/2 boxes for our upcoming move and I learned a thing or two.

  • I’m going break all of my semi longish pretty fingernails. 🙁 I should just trim them all right now, but I refuse. I mean what if one survives the move? Then I’d only have to wait for the other 9 to catch up.
  • I’m going to need to buy some new sharpies: Yay. Black: Meh.
  • I’m exhausted after packing 2 1/2 boxes, this is going to be a very long move.
  • I’m glad we have till the beginning of July now instead of June before we move. Because of the reason stated above I’m going to need all of that extra time.
  • We have a whole lot of STUFF. OMG, the stuff. I swear we need most, if not all of it, but Dude, so much Stuff.
  • I’m going to need to invest in some new yoga pants and comfy stretchy shorts. This wearing jeans while packing is for the birds.

With as many times as we’ve moved in the last few years you would think I’d be an expert, but oooh no. I have to learn everything all new each time.

It will be interesting to see how the next month or so goes.

Lily story: The Fox and the Cat

Lily came up to me during quiet time the other day and showed me her drawing.

She then told me about the drawing. About half way through the story I was so sad that I hadn’t recorded her telling. So I asked her to repeat it when she was done.

She told it a little differently, but the gist was the same. I am just blown away by so much that this child of mine does on a daily basis. This drawing kills me in about 1000 ways. Her ability to draw and her enjoyment of it, her use of perspective (the book pages going behind the fox) without anyone telling her how to do it and her storytelling are just a few of the the ways.

I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Lily and her Papa having fun

Lily has so much fun with her Papa. She’s very lucky to have him and truth be told we’re lucky to have him because he keeps her entertained while we make dinner most nights among other reasons. I was making dinner the other day and heard Lily giggling her head off. She yelled for me to come and see so I did. This is what I found.

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