Easter 2014

Lily and I did a few crafts leading up to Easter, but somehow couldn’t find any of them. Honestly I didn’t work to hard to find them because I figured this post would be picture heavy enough without them. So we’ll start with pictures of painting eggs.

Since we’re moving back to Montana (oh yeah, that’s happening and I’ll try to post about it at some point) I figured I’d get Papa in on our last Easter with him. He was a great sport and joined right in.

For this next egg (which is wooden) I used my trusty glue gun to put 3 flowers on it. I wasn’t sure it would do any good or make any kind of difference, but it turned out really nicely.

Like I said Papa really got into painting the eggs. I wish he’d have done this one on a wooden egg, but at least I got pictures.

Papa’s eggs.

Daddy’s eggs.

I spent so much time handing out eggs and taking pictures that I only painted one egg.

I found some of those egg wraps like I used when I was little and bought them on a whim to see if they worked better or worse than I remember.

To my amazement it worked better. Yay.

On to Easter.

Lily is all about cowgirls right now thanks to Sheriff Callie. We saw these boots on clearance at Target and Lily just had to have them.

We were waiting for Daddy to get downstairs so Lily can go a’ hunting.

This series of pictures just kills me. For some reason Lil sitting on the counter, she just looks so darn big. I don’t know when or how that happened. I certainly didn’t authorize it.

Yay, we finally got outside. This is Lily going through her basket.


3 generations on Easter


I love this crab apple tree in the backyard.

It’s so bright and beautiful.

Papa didn’t get home until the egg hunt was almost over so Lily hid eggs for him. He was again such a good sport and searched out all the eggs.

When Papa was done hunting for eggs we went inside and Lily opened her treasure eggs.

After we were done messing around with eggs we decided to go to a local school so Waldo and Lily could launch the rockets they have been building for the last week or so.

For some unknown reason the rockets didn’t work. So Lily got to play on the playground.

Lily made my birthday special

I turned 38 at the end of March. It was a Monday and Lily was none too pleased when she asked “what special things we were going to do for my birthday” and I told her “nothing until dinner. The rest of the day was going to be normal except for birthday creme brulee after lunch”. Oh No. Lily wasn’t having any of this. She wanted my birthday to be special, like I make her birthdays fun and special. She wouldn’t allow us to go to the library for her little art class even though I begged and pleaded. No way was I going to tell her why I love my Monday morning’s at the library, she gets to do art for about 30 minutes and I get to sit next to a usually sunny window and read my book in relative peace. Bliss. Nope, art is fun for her and we aren’t doing that on my birthday. Fine.

To help make my birthday special Lily decorated the house for me. She asked for the crape paper I keep in the closet and went to town. There was a string of crape paper here and there and a few other on the other wall. This one was my favorite though.

She also made me a wonderful birthday card and best of all a special birthday song and dance.

I made creme brulee for my birthday. I had never had it before, but always wanted to eat it and best of all make it. I mean I got to buy a torch for it. Best thing ever. The creme brulee was amazingly yummy and pretty easy to make.

We did our usual thing and went out to dinner for my birthday. We went to Flatbread Pizza Oven and it was so yummy. I thought I had taken a bunch few pictures, but couldn’t find them. Oh well, who really wants to see our amazing pizza and salad when you could see the pictures we took before we left the house?

Lily and her arm. Silly kid.

Lily insisted that we take a picture with Clarice so we went all out. She was taking the picture so we figured she got to pose us.


My birthday was very special because I spent it with the ones I love the most. I have no complaints.

Random Mobile Shots

Lily painting the zoo

Lily wanted to paint the zoo. This the the giraffe house and a giraffe.

Lily painted the zoo

The finished zoo. Along with me taking a picture of the giraffe, Lily and Waldo and the little brown things watching the lions. The female lion is wearing a tutu and the male is riding on her back while holding a glass of water. There’s a zebra on the top along with a carousal , that’s the red thing on the top corner.

Taking a closer look during our walk

We went for a walk last week and she she had to bring her binoculars so she could check things out.

Modeling the shirt we decorated

Lily has been very unhappy because the shirt I decorated with Minnie Mouse for her birthday has been retired so I finally made her a new one and she helped me add extra things (like the face).

Modeling the shirt we decorated

The finished drawing that Lily did from the restraunt last week

This is the drawing that Lil was working on at dinner last week.

Going up the slide

Going up the slide at a playground that we finally decided to check out, after two years. We’ve been back like 5 times in the last two weeks. We should have gone sooner.

Going down.

The DRIVE part 6

While we were in California we had the ability to visit with a lot of different family members and I made it my goal to take pictures of and with them. I did really well.

The pictures in this post span our entire trip.

May 2013 California trip

Lily hugging and snuggling with my Grandma Memaw.

May 2013 California trip

May 2013 California trip

May 2013 California trip

Me and my Pop.

May 2013 California trip

May 2013 California trip

Me and Memaw.

May 2013 California trip

May 2013 California trip

Me and my little sister Jolene. (Olivia’s Mom)

May 2013 California trip

May 2013 California trip

Memaw, Me, Lily and Pop.

May 2013 California trip

May 2013 California trip

Olivia, Jolene, Memaw, Me, Lily and Pop.

May 2013 California trip

Some silly faces.

May 2013 California trip

Lily, Me, my Mom (GG) and Olivia.

May 2013 California trip

May 2013 California trip

Me and my cousin Melissa.

May 2013 California trip

May 2013 California trip

Lily, Jolene and Olivia.

May 2013 California trip

Olivia, Me and Lil.

May 2013 California trip

Silly faces.

May 2013 California trip

May 2013 California trip

My Dad (Papaw) and Lil.

May 2013 California trip

May 2013 California trip

My Dad, Lil and Waldo.

May 2013 California trip

Me and my Daddy.

May 2013 California trip

Me, My Dad and Lil.

May 2013 California trip

2 out of 3 silly faces.

May 2013 California trip

This was the last picture we took before we left.  Sniff.

I love my family so much and miss them everyday.

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