Random Mobile Shots

I missed last week accidentally so this post is going to be for the last two weeks.

Lily drawing

Lily drawing

Lily drawing

We were at a store getting new beds and they had a little room with chalkboard walls for kiddos to play in. Lily had some fun.

Lily doing Kitty's hair.

Lily decided that Kitty needed to get her hair done.

Lily and her grandpa playing Kinect party

Dr. Lily and her grandpa (Papa) playing XBox party.

Lily wanted me to take this picture.

Lily set these guys up and asked me to take the picture.

My Mother in law made this doll for my niece

My Mother in Law made this princess doll for my niece. We’ve made some changes to the doll at this point, but she still looks mostly the same.

Yummy frozen yogurt

After the zoo last weekend we went to get frozen yogurt instead of zoo ice cream. It was a good decision.

Dancer girl

Lily was dancing the ‘neigh neigh horse dance’.

Lily made Clifford some wings

My little crafty princess made some wings for Clifford while Waldo and I were rearranging the family room.

Lily in her new bed

Lily in her new bed.

Mickey mouse and gang

Lily drew Mickey Mouse and the clubhouse gang from memory.

Lily drew this fire truck

Lily also drew this fire truck while we were rearranging.

Random Mobile Shots

Lily painting the zoo

Lily wanted to paint the zoo. This the the giraffe house and a giraffe.

Lily painted the zoo

The finished zoo. Along with me taking a picture of the giraffe, Lily and Waldo and the little brown things watching the lions. The female lion is wearing a tutu and the male is riding on her back while holding a glass of water. There’s a zebra on the top along with a carousal , that’s the red thing on the top corner.

Taking a closer look during our walk

We went for a walk last week and she she had to bring her binoculars so she could check things out.

Modeling the shirt we decorated

Lily has been very unhappy because the shirt I decorated with Minnie Mouse for her birthday has been retired so I finally made her a new one and she helped me add extra things (like the face).

Modeling the shirt we decorated

The finished drawing that Lily did from the restraunt last week

This is the drawing that Lil was working on at dinner last week.

Going up the slide

Going up the slide at a playground that we finally decided to check out, after two years. We’ve been back like 5 times in the last two weeks. We should have gone sooner.

Going down.

Random Mobile Shots

Party dinosaur mase Lil made

Last night we read a book where the little person made a monster mask. This morning Lil made a party dinosaur mask.

A small swarm on our front porch

Yesterday we had a very small swarm of bees on our front porch. One of the hazards of a bee keeper in the family.

Caged Lily

Caged Lily. This is a family tradition I started with my little sister.

Mama under stuff

I’m buried under a bunch of stuff.

Working Lily Kitty

Working Lily Kitty

Lily and working Lily Kitty

Lily with working Lily Kitty

Bath tub Lil

Bathtub Kitty


Garden bounty

Hiding melons

There are at least 8 melons hiding in there.

Gardner Girl

Gardner Girl

“Carrots come out of there”


After zoo ice cream

She's so proud of the flower stuck to her nose

She’s super proud that the flower sticks to her nose when she inhales it

Do you mind, I'm thinking

Do you mind, I’m trying to draw.

Lily drew this while we were at dinner one night.

This pole was what she was trying to draw. I’ll update this post with the finished work of art later.

Bunny Lily making a jelly fish

Bunny Lily making a paper bag jelly fish

Random Mobile Shots

Clifford reading before taking a nap. In his dog house

Clifford is about to take a nap in his dog house, but first he needs to read a little to relax.

Lily with the 'fancy' straws we used in our homemade lemonade

Lily has been asking about making homemade lemonade all summer, but every time I offer she isn’t in the mood. Finally the other day she was all about it. But she had to have fancy straws for her drinks. So we grabbed some yellow foam sheets and made a few things. The one on the left is a lemon with a happy face and the right is Clifford.

Brother in law's flowers

These are in my brother in law’s front yard. They are breathtaking and I was so happy to see them back this year.

Brother in law's flowers

The Princess taking a break during washing the car

We were washing the car the other day and the Princess had to take a break.

The King puppy on Kitty

King Puppy on Kitty.

Lily and Big Baby at the park

Lily and Big Baby at the park.

Random Mobile Shots

Me and my girl

Today Lily was watching a short video with me at my computer. I realized that she was snuggling me and grabbed a quick selfie.

Lego flowers and vases

I saw this in my newest Rachael Ray magazine and had to share the picture with my lego obsessed friend Becky.

Lily's new giraffe headband

Lil’s been pretending to be a giraffe lately so I made her a giraffe headband.

Lily and her pretend beach

I bought Lil this beach ball and she proceeded to make herself a beach with a blue blanket for water and yellow towel for sand.

Carrots we grew

Hey look I grew some carrots.

Lily's new mickey mouse playdough stuff

I bought Lil a mickey mouse playdough set at Target because it was on clearance and she is crazy about Minnie right now. She loved it.

The doctor and her patients.

The doctor and her patients. BTW, she’s not sick, she was just tired of me taking her picture right then.

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